2023 Large Christmas Turkey Fillet Crown and Ham Box

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FOR DELIVERY 21st and 22nd OF DECEMBER depending on your area, while slots are available 

Large Christmas Turkey fillet CROWN and Ham Box

2 x 2kg potatoes

2 x 500g sprouts, 

2 x 1kg carrots, 

1kg parsnips, 

Savoy cabbage, 

2 x broccoli, 


1 x 22g jar of cloves

2 x pots cranberry sauce, 

1 x Bisto 170g Turkey gravy granules

1 x Roll turkey foil,

1 x 400g Pack streaky bacon, 

5.5-6kg weight range Turkey Crown (Stuffed if required) 

2 x 400g cocktail sausages

2.8-3.1kg weight range ham - £150